Laumersheimer Kirschgarten

The oldest and most famous vineyard location in Laumersheim. A branch of the world-famous Lorsch Monastery called “Zum Kirschgarten” used to own vineyards here in Laumersheim. Hence, the local vintners who worked the land as tenants, referred to this part of the fields as “Kirschgarten” (cherry orchard). Glacial loess soil deposited at different heights on massive limestone rock. Exposed southerly orientation, 120 meters high, with the topsoil containing fine-grained limestone gravel. Some parts of the site feature extremely lime-rich marl soil mixed with bits of black earth. The “Kirschgarten” is one of the top sites for great Burgundy and Riesling wines in Northern Palatinate.

Laumersheimer Steinbuckel

According to Johann Philipp Bronner, a wine expert who lived in the 18th century, this is one of the most exposed vineyard sites in the Leininger Land region. Particularly unusual are the distinctive soil structures with their lime-rich marl that is heavily crisscrossed by limestone. “Steinbuckel” (stony slope) is the name of the 150 meter high southern slope of a deep circular valley. The cooler winds from the nearby Leininger Valley make the grapes ripen more slowly, and the characterful soil gives them their typical spiciness. “Steinbuckel” wines are the most long-lasting among our great growth wines.

Großkarlbacher Burgweg
(Im Großen Garten)

This vine-covered slope borders a still intact glacial valley. These days, the Eckbach river flows through it, which, during the course of thousands of years, has deposited various types of sediment on the limestone rock; more in some places, less in others. Hence, gravel alternates with or is layered on top of sand, loess and soft, almost chalk-like limestone. In other places, the massive hard limestone makes an appearance. These amazing soil structures are complemented by an ideal southerly orientation and the sheltered lie of this vineyard slope. Owing to these more than ideal conditions, there are only two grape varieties whose cultivation can be considered: Riesling and Pinot Noir.

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