Our red wines are produced using traditional methods. The grapes are always hand-picked, which sometimes requires several runs, starting at the beginning of October and lasting until November. This way we end up with perfectly ripe yet healthy grapes, which are separated from their stem and fermented using the classical pulp fermentation method, which may take several weeks. All red wines are stored in wooden barrels. Second-growth wines mature in large wooden barrels or in old barriques whilst the top qualities mature in younger or new barriques. The storage time lasts between 16 and 20 months.

The white wines are predominantly produced with the help of reductive measures using stainless steel tanks or old wooden barrels. All grapes are picked by hand. After the grapes have been removed from their stem and, depending on the quality and type of wine, the pulp is left unattended for a certain amount of time. Afterwards and without pumping, the grapes are dropped onto the pneumatic grape press where they are carefully pressed. In order to keep the aroma, the musts are – either spontaneously or with the help of cultured yeast – fermented at temperatures of under 20° Celsius. This ensures the delicate aroma specific to each type, a powerful body and very good durability.

50% red + 50% white = 100% Philipp Kuhn

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